Monday, March 16, 2009

The Countdown Begins!

Two weeks from today Dave leaves with a big ol' truck that will be packed to the gills, a friend who's flying up from Park City to accompany him, a car on a trailer and a cat. Quite a list, huh?

He will be driving approximately 3,100 miles to our new home in Nashua. Good thing he really likes road trips.

As of today, I have one month left before I leave. Sabrina and I will be staying with some friends for the few weeks in between which I think she will really enjoy because they have the sweetest 4 year old daughter. They speak French at home so maybe she'll pick it up and we can teach their daughter a little mandarin. It'll be like the UN all under the same roof.

A month from tomorrow Sabrina and I leave Seattle (boo hoo)...but we have decided to take the 'scenic' route, if you will, and will be arriving in Boston's Logan airport the first weekend in May. If all goes well and the weather cooperates we will be quite tan by the time we arrive.

Here's a hint about where we're going - they have perfected the many ways to eat poi. Do you know where we're going? If you are the first 3 to guess correctly I will bring you a 4 oz bottle of the AMAZING Maui Babe Browning Suntan Lotion. It is made with Kukui Nut Oil, Aloe, Kona Coffee Extract and Antioxidant Vitamins E, C and A.

I should warn you, however, that I'm PRETTY sure that there is absolutely no SPF in this stuff...but you'll look awesome. I promise. I like to mix it with a little spf suntan oil/lotion so that I don't burn. Just a suggestion. I hold no responsibility for any misuse of this product.

We have been purging and packing machines these past few weeks. We have donated quite a bit already to the department of family services and have more from this weekend.


I'll try to keep this blog updated while Dave is travelling so that we can all follow along with him on his road trip.

See you soon!


Tamra said...

Are you going to Hawaii?

Fiona said...

Hawaii-- of course. Back to Waimanalua (sp?) Dying to try the browning creme. Alex and I are pale as ivory.

Kathleen said...

Hawaii of course! I love that tanning lotion. When I used to visit Stacey there- we would lather it on! :) Good old days. Have a blast!

Christine said...

Considering my last name is Makai and I've never even been there (ok, so I'm not Hawaiian but no one would know would they?) I'm so extremely jealous...

nifwlseirff said...

I hope the move went smoothly!