Friday, July 18, 2008

Dancin'! Dancin'! DANCIN'!!

So last week our friend's Liz and Jackie had a 70's/disco party.

What a blast!!!

I dressed up as disco singer/dancer - complete with superfro. I think I was trying to channel Diana Ross from WAY back in the day.

Dave dressed up as Dr. J (Julius Erving) from the 76er's - "My name is Julius. They call me Dr. J!" He had a massive fro, serious chops and a nice thick patch of hair on his chest sticking out from underneath his tank top.

Dave has, in my opinion, officially redefined the word 'sexy'. I'm confident you'll agree.

And Sabrina? Well our little queenie rocked it. She was the hit of the party.
Are you ready for it?
She went as a Solid Gold Dancer. And for those of you who are wondering - Yes, Sabrina does just happen to own a little gold lame in her wardrobe. Hellooooo? Have you not met her mother?

Check it.

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