Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy New Year!

Chinese New Year, that is!

The year of the Ox has arrived. Are you ready? Last year was a little rough around the I'm seriously rooting for a good one.

So sorry for the LOOOOONG delay between posts. Life...was...happening.

So let's start fresh, shall we?

We had an awesome New Year's celebration on Sunday. About 10 friends came to hang out and celebrate. And the main thing we did was E.A.T. This is Chinese New Year and if you ever visit my family in Taiwan during a holiday you'll see what a feast really is. So I thought I would follow suit.

I made striped bass steamed with ginger then *flash* cooked with hot oil, mandarin beef, sesame noodles, ants climbing trees (cellophane noodle dish with pork), shrimp egg rolls, string beans, eggplant, rice, marinated cucumber salad, bean sprout salad, and the traditional dish of steamed dumplings. I also served a roast duck, but that was from Chinatown. It still counts though.

It was a big meal and I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed it. At one point as I kept bringing out dishes Rhianna said, "It's like we're at Dim Sum, Maria! It just keeps coming!"

I really like to cook, but being my mother's daughter, cannot seem to make a dish that serves less than 6. I don't quite know why I do that but I always have. I don't cook often...I call it my yearly cook off.

The best part of the night was Sabrina (of course). She was running around in her chi-pao dress looking cute as ever. My aunt bought this dress for her while we were in Taiwan and it finally fits. I think you'll agree!

I'll write more soon...

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

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I Hope you had a good time:-)